Founder of Premium Services

Founder of Premium Services

Combining a degree in law with love of business, after my studies I chose to return to my country to pursue new premium offerings and invest in the island’s economy.

In parallel to my father, Aristotelis Spyrou, a respected businessman who founded the successful Arto Estates real-estate company, I launched Prestige Car Rentals to serve the growing market for luxury and supercars in Cyprus in 2008.

Demand and a loyal clientele followed, leading my business partner, Evgeny Kantserov and I to establish the Prestige Group in 2011. This brought under one roof seven companies, each providing tailored, ultra-luxury offerings, ranging from VIP concierge and Club services, to premium real estate investment and development, lifestyle publications, high-ticket events management, and more.

Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur with an instinct for creating networks while identifying fresh opportunities – even at globally challenging times – today there are new initiatives on my horizon.

Fostering Powerful Cross-nation Collaborations

I have always respected the drive for commerce that exists across the MENA countries, and maintain warm ties with several of their embassies in Cyprus. From such relations, over the years, have emerged strong possibilities for a new level of cross-nation collaboration, to which I am eager to bring my energies today.

This focus has already led to a strong Cyprus-Saudi business initiative, as a signal of commitment to the future of our region, in spite of the outbreak of the pandemic, generating a powerful momentum towards next-level economic cooperation between the Republic and KSA.

In turn, this has evolved into the grand vision of the RGCA, Regional and Global Collaborations and Alignments, an organization that serves as both a platform and a membership, established in 2022.

Designing the Region’s Next-level Business Landscape

The mission of the RGCA is to enable entrepreneurs, companies and investors, in partnership with industrialists, diplomats, researchers and policymakers, to network, generate profit and share knowledge that can reinforce stability and positively impact societies, across the business landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and Gulf.

For those looking for an empowered route to market and to cultivate new synergies in a historically under-accessed region, therefore, the RGCA membership provides:

  • Exclusive country- and market-specific data
  • A library of expert-led industry webinars
  • A regular bulletin with highlighted regional business news
  • A members’ directory for targeted networking
  • A-Z support for business diversification
  • Priority access to high-level RGCA councils, partnerships and associations

With regional leaderships committed to post-oil economies, amid intensifying climate pressure and shifting geopolitical realities, there has never been a more compelling time to foster prosperity in the East-Med, Mideast and Gulf region. For this reason, I am placing the RGCA at the heart of my business efforts, and invite you to consider becoming a part of that vision, too.