I was born in Limassol, to a close-knit Greek family in Cyprus. My parents taught me from my earliest age the values of respect, honesty, love of heritage and faith; I embraced the Hellenic ideals of virtue, hospitality, excellence and responsible civic life. These are the principles that guide me.

I honor the past, while tackling challenges and pursuing future opportunities. Stepping fearlessly into uncharted territory with an instinctive sense of timing, I join with aligned business partners to amplify advantage.

Together, family values and an entrepreneurial spirit allowed me to pioneer the infrastructure of the island’s ultra-luxury market, building a deep network of influential, high net-worth clients and associates, and cultivating strategic ties with top-tier investors, sought-after innovators and high-ranking policymakers, both locally and abroad.

My next high-level goal is to establish powerful networks to grow and share prosperity across our region, given the volatile uncertainty of our age, intensifying climate change pressures and the threat of disruption to the hopes and needs of societies. I have a special concern for, and trust in, the power and potential of the region’s youth. Above all, as the son of an island shaped by history, cruelly divided since 1974 by Turkish occupying troops, I am driven by the desire to serve the cause of my homeland, unlocking her potential in business, growth, talent, and achievements, in service to her social and political renewal. The canvas to paint on is limitless, and I invite all who seek the wellbeing of our region, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Europe to join me in this journey.
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Elias Spyrou Timeline

Founder of Premium Services


I was very impressed by Mr. Spyrou’s proactive approach, creativeness and his strong desire for accomplishment and achievement.

Dr. Walid Al Qazaz

Counsellor/Deputy Ambassador, Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Cyprus

Mr. Elias Spyrou is a respected entrepreneur, known for exercising correct business practices and contributing to the positive economic development of his country. He is one of the most trusted persons and valuable representatives of the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus.

Chrysostomos II

Archbishop of Cyprus

As a person and a businessman, Elias Spyrou has a special set of values. Among them are frankness, honesty and trust. I highly appreciate Elias Spyrou and would definitely recommend his Group for cooperation.

Vadim Fedchin

Private Investor

Having met Elias Spyrou some two years ago, I saw before me a man with caliber, integrity and openness. Elias is a business entrepreneur with a modern fast-track style whilst being a real philanthropist. On a business level, we have had a great six-year customer journey already! Considered as one of my trusted partners.

Capt. Eberhard Koch

Chairman, CEO & Partner of Oesterreichischer Lloyd & Pagasarri Navigation Co. Ltd, Cyprus

It is a pleasure to call Elias Spyrou a business associate and friend. Having a tremendous mindset and skills to accomplish all he sets out to achieve, for Elias, there are no problems, only solutions.

Yvonne Tsanos

General Manager, Oesterreichischer Lloyd

Under Mr. Elias Spyrou’s management, the Prestige Apollon volleyball team won all the trophies in Cyprus. For Apollon Football & Athletic Club, he is the man who succeeded to do a great job with the volleyball team and academies. He will always be one of us.

Apollon Football & Athletic Club Limassol

Our business experience with Mr. Spyrou was excellent. He is always very helpful and he is a respectable person, honest and trustworthy. I wish him all the best.

Mohamed Yassine

CEO Arabica TV, Arabica Group, Lebanon